What should I expect on my first visit?

We all dress differently at Family Baptist Church. Some of our church family like to dress nicer on Sunday and some of us dress more casual. You are welcome at Family Baptist, regardless of how formal or how casual you would like to dress. Come as you are!  

Many may ask if they need to bring a Bible to church. Some may even want to use their iPad or smartphone. You are welcome to use whatever you would like when reading the Bible. If you don't have a Bible, come anyway and we will be happy to give you one that you can call your own. 

Though many of our church family give in the offering, as our guest, please do not feel obligated to give when the offering plate is passed. If you feel the need to give, you may do so, but the offering time is for our members to give their weekly tithes and offerings. There is absolutely no pressure for you to give.