Thrilled or Chilled? Week 4

"The Choice"

The Blue Angel Demonstration Team, stationed here in Pensacola FL, is one of the most renowned groups of pilots in the world. They are comprised of the best pilots in the Navy and Marine Corp and they fly state of the art fighter jets at dangerously close proximity for the purpose of wowing audiences. They are a magnificent display of power. The jets they fly are capable of exceeding the speed of sound and are the first line of defense for the Navy. However, there is an interesting fact about these powerful jets that is not generally known to the public. They are not capable of attacking. As formidable as they may look in the skies, they cannot fire a single shot at anything. In order to perform the show as they want, they must remove all capability to fire any weapons. Even the gun is swapped out with the machine to make smoke. It’s almost unbelievable to think that if their base was attacked, they would be worthless to the fight.

As I think about the modern church and my own spiritual walk, I have to ask myself if we are not like these fighter jets. The plane and pilot are both capable and trained to be an amazing tool in battle, but the plane is not outfitted to do so. How many Christians today look so beautiful as they demonstrate their knowledge of God’s word and their appearance of Godliness, yet never actually do battle. It’s been so long since they have used their spiritual weapons, they have forgotten how to use them.

Read Ps. 91:1-3, Eph. 6:12, II Cor. 10:3-4. We have talked the past few weeks about the battle that we face. We have said that we should be “thrilled” in our Christian walk, and not chilled. My hope is that through these times we spend together, we will gain a renewed sense of urgency to fight the spiritual battle. However, in order to successfully fight, we must understand and whole-heartedly believe a few things about fighting.

  1. We must make the decision to fight, and stick to it. (Read Hebrews 12:1) You cannot be “Switzerland” in the war of the Christian faith. You will ether do one of two things as a believer. Fight for your Christian walk (drawing closer to Christ), or get destroyed by Satan. A soldier does not find himself on the battlefield without first making the decision to enlist. He chooses to fight. When we become a Christian, we are placed in the sights of the Devil. We are placed on the battlefield. However, through comfortable circumstances, lack of discipleship, or the being satisfied with status quo, we tend to choose not to fight. What we don’t seem to believe is that this leads to our destruction, every time. The Devil does not accept your white flag of surrender. He will kill you daily where you sit idle. We must pick up our weapons and fight. If we are going to do anything to help this war going on in our families, we must choose action instead of idleness.

  2. We must remember how to fight our battles. I know in my personal life, I can look back to countless times that I attempted to fight this battle in my own power with my own abilities. I can promise you, that was fruitless. It seemed to look good to everyone around me. My friends thought me a good Christian, my family thought I was living a Spirit-filled life, but I was losing the battle. We are so driven by what people think about us. (Read I Samuel 16:7) David did not look like a warrior. David was deemed more of a Shepard than a soldier. Yet God did great things through him, both as a little boy and a mighty king. But that’s just the point: God did it. We fail to live by the principle that God will fight our battles. We know this to be true, but do not live it out. We must stop doing two things in our life. 1: Determining our spirituality based on those around us. 2: Fighting in our own power. Because of these two things, we are losing the spiritual battle. We have the champion of all warriors living inside of us. Use Him. (Read Galatians 5:16).

  3. We must identify and use our weapons. One of my favorite style of video games to play is a “button-masher” game. You simply pick a character, and start pressing buttons. What am I doing? I don’t know. What weapon am I using? I have no clue. Do I win? Sometimes, but not often. That depends on who I’m playing. I usually end up falling off the map countless times. We Christians live the spiritual life almost like a “button-smasher” game. Do we spend specific time in prayer, with a specific prayer list? No. Do we spend time in His word, not just to read, but to study and learn? Nope. Do we ever win the Spiritual battle? Sometimes, but not often. When I find myself playing the video game against someone who actually knows what they are doing with the weapons that they have, I get destroyed. If we are going to fight this battle with success, we must learn the power of our weapons.

Read James 4:7-8, Romans 13:12-14, Galatians 5:16. We must make the choice to fight. Our spiritual walk is not going to happen on accident. It’s not going to happen simply because we want it to. I once heard a former athlete talking about how to win a championship. He said “you do not win a championship, you take it.” Take the Christian faith! Next week, we will begin talking about the weapons we use to fight this battle. This week, let’s make the conscious decision to start fighting. Let’s make our spiritual walk happen on purpose. Spend the rest of the time giving prayer requests and praying that God will help us fight our daily spiritual battle.

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