Thrilled of Chilled? Week 6

"The Weapon of God's Word"

World War Two brought about so many technological advances. The U.S. found itself in a position where it needed to advance past it’s common way of fighting and find advanced combat tactics. With the war in Europe coming to a close, they focused their attention on the war in the Pacific and how they could defeat Japan. Japan was a ruthless enemy. Towards the end of the war as supplies ran low, they were known for sending pilots and soldiers on suicide missions in every possible effort to get ahead. They simply refused to quit. The U.S. knew that it was imperative to end the war soon, and they knew how to do it. Six years before the end of the war, The Manhattan Project had been put in place to determine if the splitting of an atom could be weaponized and used to bring mass destruction. By 1945, the team had succeeded in creating the first nuclear bomb. For weeks, the U.S. sent repeated messages to Japan warning that they had developed a weapon of mass destruction and called for them to surrender. Japan ignored the messages and continued to fight. With little choice, in August of 1945, the U.S Army dropped nuclear bombs on two strategic cities in Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 120,000 people were killed instantly. The use of a nuclear bomb was so overwhelming to the Japanese government that they gave a full unconditional surrender to the U.S. less than a month later, ending World War Two. A war that lasted nearly six years was ended in a month because of the atomic bomb.

Read Hebrews 4:12, Matthew 24:35, II Timothy 3:16-17, Matthew 7:24-27. In the spiritual battle, we have such weapon. It’s the Word of God. We have something so powerful that the Devil himself is rendered worthless by it. It guides, teaches, convicts, grows, leads, and strengthens us by its words. Whenever you find yourself lost and confused, you can go to God’s word for guidance. When you are confronted by sin and need an answer on how to live, God’s word has correction. When you are trying to help someone find Christ, God’s Word does God’s work. It is literally the most important book ever to be written, this because of its author. Kings, countries, and regimes have tried to destroy it, yet it flourished. Scholars and scientist have tried to explain it away, yet it stands true. Critics have attempted to pick it apart, yet it remains perfect. God’s word, when spoken, affects the very heart of a man. It is an extremely powerful weapon for you to possess. Do we use the Bible like we should?

Read Psalms 119:105, Psalms 119:9, Luke 11:28. The Smithsonian holds thousands of the most unique pieces of history. In their music collection, they have several very old Stradivari violins, worth millions of dollars and are considered, by some, to be the most perfect instruments ever constructed. However, they cannot let the instruments simply sit on display, though every precaution has been taken to reduce aging. Every so often, they must take the instruments out of their displays and play them. If they do not, they will degrade and become worthless. Our Bible is similar, yet in the opposite way. If we choose to ignore it and not use it, it is we that degrade and fall apart. We must put God’s word into our lives if we expect to fight this spiritual battle with any success. It is a vital weapon! How do we use this weapon?

  1. Memorization (Psalms 119:105). This seems to be what we Christians do the least of. I remember growing up in Christian school and having to memorize so much scripture. I also remember thinking that it was boring and just part of the test that I needed to pass. Looking back on that now, I wish that I would have learned more. That Scripture which I have memorized has been such a daily help to me. It is wonderful whenever we are faced with a question about the Bible or confronted with sin and we know, from memory, what the Bible has to say about it. If the Bible is such an awesome weapon, then why not memorize as much as we can of it.

  2. Reading (Matthew 4:4). We should be consuming the Bible daily in order to help us live this Christian life. Even Jesus knew this. He compared living by the Word of God to eating daily bread. If you skipped a day of eating, you would know it. You would be in a constant state of hunger. Yet how often do we Christians go day after day after day without ever going to God’s Word. We won’t admit it, but we live by the philosophy that states “Christianity is reserved for Sunday, I’ll open my Bible then.” We cannot expect to win the daily battle against Satan and sin without ever going to God’s word. Do we make it a daily priority?

  3. Study (II Timothy 2:15). I was really good in school at “reading” the information and getting the idea on what was going on. However, when it came time for the test, reading the information alone was not going to cut it. I needed to study. As we read God’s word, let’s make sure that we “study out” what we don’t know. When something doesn’t quite make sense, let’s look further instead of simply letting it go. Study to show yourself approved. I have found that I generally study in details the things which I like. If I enjoy doing it or learning about it, I have no problem studying. Do you love God’s book? Do we have that Psalms 1:2 love for the Bible?

As I think about fighting this battle and using our weapons to do so, a singing family from South Carolina comes to mind. They sing a song about how their Grandfather would daily go into the woods and pray for his family, in detail. He would pray for his wife, his future children, and his future grandchildren. This same family would also make it a priority to help their kids learn entire passages of the Bible. Each time they perform, their children would spend 5 minutes reciting a few books of the Bible. Me and my wife were looking at their Facebook profiles recently and came across something very interesting. That Grandfather that prayed had a son that spent his life serving God. This son had four children, all of which are serving God faithfully. Those four children all have multiple children, and to the best of our abilities, we found that all of them where serving God and marrying Godly spouses. Am I saying that using your armor and weapons right automatically guarantees that your whole life, including you

r children, will turn out right? No. I have seen Godly parents pray for years for a child who turned their back on God. But I will promise you this: If you drop your weapons and choose not to fight, Satan will destroy you and your family without hesitation. We must put on our armor, pick our weapons and fight for our Christian faith!

Spend the rest of the time taking prayer requests and praying for one another. Ask God to help us fight Satan and use the weapons He has given us.

Thank you for participating in this series. I pray that God has shown us some things that we need to improve in our Christian walk. I know he has shown me numerous things! Let’s fight the battle together. We can help each other stay close to God. The next Fellowship Group session will begin in a few weeks. It will be entitled “Encounters with God”

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